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Stop, Drop, & Roll

What I learned in my search for bigger building to grow my business


Stop and pray! Ask God to open the door that He wants you to walk through and Close the door that he doesn’t. Many headaches can be avoided with this prayer and allowing God to put you in the PERFECT location for you and your business!


Drop your Plans and DON’T Force things! Do your part and do the legwork by looking around, get pricing, square footage, and business costing. But leave the rest to God to work behind the scene on your behalf. In my head I had it all planned out. The first building I looked at was 10,000 square feet and an old furniture store that had been vacant for a couple years. The owner had only wanted to lease for $10,000 per month but I thought it was the perfect place for my business! Scary because I didn’t want to have to write that check every month. I then sought the price to buy it he didn’t want to sell! So my mind wanted to keep pursuing but my heart (Holy Spirit) told me to keep looking. At this point I learned a valuable lesson… His plan and not mine! I didn’t know what those were just yet so I began to look into EVERY building in Lufkin, TX that was empty and for lease. I set up appointments to look at different locations for a total of 7 locations. After I released my plans to God, 4 out of the 7 location actually came to me! They offered to build and modify their buildings to fit the needs of my business. 3 of the 4 were brand new builds!! To God be all the glory because this doesn’t happen to everyone! Favor ain’t Fair…


Roll out of the Way! Let God be God. The offer I ended up taking, (was the last one to come) I was able to fully design the kitchen of my dreams at no cost to me other than the internal equipment needed to furnish it. The average cost per square foot in Lufkin is $1 per square foot. I pay $.38 per square feet. God can do EXCEEDINGLY and ABUNDANTLY more than we can think and imagine! With this process, I learned patience because my timeline didn’t go as planned which made me have to trust God more and more. Even in the midst of my anxiety and stress of myself wanting to be in control…His timing was perfect!

~ Chef Britany

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