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Grand Opening - To God be all the Glory

This last year has been surreal... a vision that was given years ago has come to life. To God be all the Glory for this journey and a tremendous honor to be able to share it with family, friend, and community! THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate with us as the turnout was over double what we expected. Thank you to my team for helping get everything ready!

Thank you to Alex Fleniken and Ashley for putting the video together n capturing the last 9-month journey of building being built and making my family far away apart of this special day! Thank you to my parents, brother, and Godparents for coming and to have my dad pray blessing over Building and everyone that will come through doors... it moment I will cherish forever!

For those who were not able to be there on Thursday night, we shared the journey of the vision God has given us to Feed his sheep... physically n spiritually. As Ashley was finishing her cancer treatment/ surgery God asked for her to help me grow my business in Tomé Catering. She has been faithful and did many things she didn't like to do... cooking, grocery shop, cleaning, delivers, and whatever was needed to help me with Tomé. For the last 3.5 years she has put her dreams, passions, goals aside to help me grow my business... so God has blessed her in return for her faithfulness...

So to announce that Ashley Berry is now her own Entrepreneur! She is the owner/operator of "Limitless Event Venues" which will not only include "The Silo" but "Behannons", and "Abrams" (formally known as Main Event). She is will be your one stop shop for your venue needs. "The Silo" will be catered exclusively by Tomé Catering but the other two venues you may do as you would like as far as catering. We have lots of fun things in the works so stay tuned..... the best is yet to come!!


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