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I received my love of cooking from both of my grandmothers. They taught me to make homemade dishes by measuring ingredients by sight and to always cook enough to share. Through my cooking lessons with my grandmothers and my culinary education, cooking has been both artwork and a gift.


I describe it as artwork because people eat with their eyes first. I love the opportunity to be creative by adding a twist to classic dishes! Just as important as it is to get the flavor profile and seasoning just right; it is also imperative to ensure the plate of food looks like beautiful artwork.


I also see cooking as a gift because it is an opportunity to bless people and make them smile!  To those who partake in a meal; it helps create a great moment, a laugh, and a conversation that will last forever. Whether I am cooking for a family of four, group of longtime friends, or for a day of celebration…I believe it is a gift to see the ones we love and care about smile and laugh. Life is full of moments; contact Chef Britany to help you take those moments and make them extraordinary.

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Chef Britany will spend 2-3 hours teaching you as her grandmothers taught her. You will learn various knife skills, cooking techniques, and kitchen terminology. Her goal is to help you take the fear out of cooking and how to take ordinary food items and let you make them extraordinary!  Once we finish cooking you will be able to EAT the food you prepared and have the opportunity to take some food home to share with your loved ones.

Grab Some Gear!

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